Not one to rest on his laurels, the ever-prolific Tex Perkins is making noise again with his new supergroup The Ape. An Aussie rock icon, frontman for some of Australia’s most important bands and the only Australian worthy of portraying Johnny Cash, Tex is back with something special.

Assembling some of Australia’s finest rock talent, Tex has labeled The Ape “the album I was born to make.” Raul Sanchez of Magic Dirt handles riff duties on guitar, Gus Agars of The Dark Horses keeps a jungle rhythm like only a simian could, the talented Pat Bourke handles bass and piano, and of course the man Tex Perkins up front on vocals and guitar.

The album, which follows the debut single Crawl Back, was recorded by Roger Bergodaz at Tender Trap Studios and self-produced by The Ape. The “primitive, filthy, fun” record will hit stores October 4th via the independent Ape Records.

If the Tex Perkins endorsement means anything to you, it’s not something you want to sleep on, said Tex “It is an album bursting with swing and grunt, and is easily the best thing I have ever done, or ever will do.”