THE ART GRAY NOIZZ QUINTET is spearheaded by twisted Australian guitar legend STUART GRAY, perhaps more infamously known as STU SPASM of LUBRICATED GOAT, CRUNT, and THE BEASTS OF BOURBON.  BANG! RECORDS now unleashes his first full LP of newly recorded material in nearly thirty years, and THE ART GRAY NOIZZ QUINTET is poised to add another chaotic chapter to this solidly sordid musical history. Starring some of the finest scoundrels from New York City’s underground scene, this new mess features the infamous SKELETON BOY of WOMAN on the two-string bass, suave slinger ANDREA SICCO of TWIN GUNS on twang and treble, and veteran drummer RICH HUTCHINS of LIVE SKULL and much more providing the savage, swinging beat. Clattering metal percussion and the renegade horn section of NIKKI D’AGOSTINO and NICHOLAS JOHN STEVENS up the ante with an extra touch of sleaze.

Originally formed as a one-off for an afterparty premiering an Amphetamine Reptile documentary, THE ART GRAY NOIZZ QUINTET pushed their luck and continued the noise with a series of fiery gigs around town. Slots opening for kindred spirits such as THE SCIENTISTS, MUDHONEY, and UNSANE primed the public for what was yet to come. Catching the eye of unflappable no-wave queen LYDIA LUNCH led to backing her on musical collaborations and sharing stages, including one of the very last shows before the pandemic lockdown shut and silenced New York City in March of 2020.

Spasm’s wayward path through the touchstones of noise, grunge, and swamp-rock history has been well-documented and is well-represented within the grooves of this debut. From the ominously oscillating outer-space slide guitar of opener, “A Call To You”, to horns run amok on Bond-theme-gone-wrong “Killed By An Idiot”, this record hits the highs and lows you would expect and then some . . . All tied together by the signature sound of the one and only Stu Art Gray Spasm. Turn it up. Welcome to . . . THE ART GRAY NOIZZ QUINTET.