The ASS-DRAGGERS are an ass-Turian punkrock’n’roll band formed back in the ’90s. His debut LP “Abbey Roadkill” is edited by Crypt in 1996 (only Spanish band in signing for the seal sr. Tim Warren, which is no small feat!) From which his piggy sound and extreme will be distributed by different compilatorios, 7 “and LP 2nd with Australian label Stolen Records, destructive actions alongside the very Devil Dogs, and anthologies tours as perpetrated with Onyas and dogs, forged the legend. “Smoke” is the third album of the band, recorded in Perroti Circus in 2009, he was fallow to fall into the hands of Mike Mariconda, who mastered as Satan sends and left ready for Bang! Records will launch humanity’s last May …. if this label specializing in Australian materials, which Assdraggers is the first band to record from here and these, after nearly 17 years, the first album edited in your country. The Ass-Draggers are extremely loud, trashy, rusted, cheesy, rotten and disturbing!