Through a seven-song set, Asteroid B612 played some of the loudest, dirtiest rock that some of the people in the room this evening had ever seen, judging by the looks of sheer terror that were seen on a couple of faces. Calling the Asteroids loud is probably a bit of an understatement, actually: when guitarist Johnny Casino first begins his thunderous playing, the effect is felt in the hairline as well as the gut. It can’t be a good thing for a band to play so loudly that it seems your follicles could be expiring in fright, but it sure feels good, and by the end of the set it seems that the rapidly-swelling crowd are thirsty for rock, and lots of it. With a vocalist that leaves the stage before the set’s over and a guitarist that leaves his hollow-body stringless and moaning against his amp, Asteroid B-612 have fuck-you attitude with the sheer rock know-how to back it up: there’s some young turks who could learn a lot from em.