Bloodloss first formed in 1981 in Sydney, Australia, from four expatriates from Adelaide. Sharron Weatherill (vcls, gtr) Renastair EJ (gtr), Jim Selene (bass) & Martin Bland (drums). After being banned from every venue in town they changed their name to Zulu Rattle and were joined by Stu Spasm (Lubricated Goat) on gtr. They reached a mild amount of success with the promise off an unreleased single on Hot Records. This never came out as a small fire in an ashtray at Albert Studios, where they were recording sent them and producer Tony Cohen scurrying off into the night when the fire dept; turned up.

The band dissolved and Martin & Stu went onto form Salamander Jim w/ Tex Perkins & Lachlan McLeod. Jim Selene headed back to Adelaide and Sharron & Ren headed for London where after crashing on the Scientists living room floor they spent a little over a year trying, unsuccessfully to form a band in ’85.

Sharron & Ren reformed Bloodloss in Adelaide w/ Chris Wiley (Fear & Loathing) on bass gtr, Charley Tolnay (Grong Grong, King Snake Roost) gtr & Andrew Stosch (The Twenty Second Sect?) drums and released a self titled cassette on the Greasyy Pop label. Martin Bland returned to the fold and they released the dual drummer Human Skin Suit LP on Green Records.

After Sharron’s departure from the band to find happiness in a less excessive kind of life the line up was to change yet again. Martin left the drumkit for guitar. The line up was now Renastair EJ (vcls, gtr), Martin Bland (vcls, gtr), Jim Selene (bass) & Andrew Stosch (drums) and the Truth Is Marching In LP was released on Aberrant Records in ’90. At this time Stu Spasm had recruited Martin & Ren for the first U.S. Lubricated Goat tour, which also included Guy Maddison on bass. A second Lubricated Goat tour followed the next year. This time with Lachlan McLeod on bass.

When Martin & Ren returned to Adelaide they recorded with Jim Selene (bass) & Dave Creese (Dumb Earth) on drums. This recording never saw the light of day.

In ’91 Martin & Ren had both moved to Seattle  @ the behest of Mark Arm (Mudhoney, Mr Epp, Monkeywrench to name a few) and released a single “Hair of the Future” / “Broke” in ’93 on the Sympathy for the record industry label. The line-up on this little masterpiece being  Ren (vcls, gtr & sax), Martin (vcls, drums), Mark Arm (gtr) & Rick Bishop (Sun City Girls) on bass.

1994 saw yet another line up change when Guy Maddison (Monroes Fur, Greenhouse Effect, Lubricated Goat) joined as their bass player & they released the full lenght CD In-A-Gadda-Da-Change on the Sympathy for the record industry label.

In ’95 Bloodloss released 10 Solid Inches of Rock Solid Rock which came out on 10″ vinyl on the Sympathy for the record industry label. Later that same year they also released Live My Way on CD for Warner/Reprise and vinyl LP on In the Red Records.

Another album was scheduled for release on both these labels the next year titled Lost My Head For Drink, but due to Ren’s rather excessive ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ lifestyle and moves to L.A. and then N.Y. it is still to see the light of day.

In ’96 CD that is made up of earlier US vinyl releases called Misty on the Australian label Au-Go-Go. It includes the “Hair of the Future” / “Broke” single & side one of 10 Rocking Inches of Rock Solid Rock as well as a single version of “Face Down In Mud” on the IFA label & afew songs from In-A Gadda-Da-Change.

2010 a.d.

All the members are now currently in Seattle and are hoping to finish and release the record, but are dubious as to whether anyone gives a fuck anymore. So we must just wait and see.

To those who cared Bloodloss says a mighty cheers brothers & sisters !!

-By Renastair EJ & M.Anttila early 2010-