With his musical activities stretching back to the late ’70s and early ’80s in the Scientists, Boris Sujdovic is amongst a strong fistful of bright Australian underground luminaries still releasing music. His latest EP release under his own name features more stripped down arrangements than some of his previous work in the Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon and the Dubrovniks. Featuring only straight-ahead drums, Sujdovic’s raspy vocals and heavy doses of distorted guitar, Fuzz Machine lives up to its moniker. At times, his material here sounds like the more ominous and aggressive sides of the Jesus and Mary Chain. The stoned blues grooves of “If You Want Love” and “Good Thing Going” are linked adeptly to the quick-footed, propulsive rhythms of “Never Let You” and “Primitive Man.” On Fuzz Machine, Sujdovic delivers a tightly wound collection of songs demonstrating why his work has been long admired by the likes of Mudhoney, among others.

Bands Bio:

The Exterminators (w\ Mark Demetrius, John Dowlings and Rod Radalj).

The Invaders (w\ John Dowlings, Rod Radalj and Kim Salmon).

The Scientists. (w/ Kim Salmon, Tony Thewlys, Bret Rixon, Leanne Chock…).

The Beasts Of Bourbon. (Spencer P Jones, Tex Perkins, Kim Salmon, James baker & Brad Shepherd…).

The Dubrovniks (w\ James Baker).

Black Dirt.

Boris Sujdovic (Solo stuff).