Dark Carnival is Detroit rock that has progressed beyond the MC5 and Stooges…just like Destroy All Monsters, which featured vocalist Niagara, Ron Asheston on guitar (Stooges) and Michael Davis on bass (MC5)…this band features Niagara and Asheton, but with stronger material. Intense sonic-assault fretwork from Asheton not to mention very cool punk inspired lyrics sung by (all most spoken-wordish) Niagra…a cross between Diamanda Galas and PJ Harvey with a dash of Marianne Faithfull bitterness. Stand out tracks are “Bang” (Hey dude! Listen to these lyrics!)”Cops Eyes,” “Bloody Mary,” and the eerie instrumental “Selvira.” If you dig the Stooges, or intense Detroit style hard as nails, in your face rock, then this disc is a must have. The band is rounded out with Motor City veterans Greasy Carlisi on rhythm and lead guitar, Pete Bankert on bass and L.J. Steele on drums. A live disc recorded in Cleveland in 1990 and another studio disc are out there if you can find ’em…don’t miss a chance to own this because this band has gone the way of all the other great Detroit bands, a last great ride not for the timid rock fan.