Ebbot Lundberg, mastermind of THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES (1994-2012) and UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS (1986-1993) is back. “The Inmaculet Concept” is the name of the longplayer he recorded with his new band The Indigo Children, and the 50-year-old Ebbot transforms his talent into impressive recordings and concerts, with the experience and enthusiasm of the five Swedish musicians From The Indigo Children into a psychedelic time and reveals to us vital songs of a golden era of pop music The Indigo Children have already played as a very young band in the pre-program of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, looked up, backwards and now inspired forward. No, It is not new or revitalized, and here curious and hungry young musicians meet a pop-icon, which is rich in history, and listen and play.

“The Inmaculet Concept” is an odyssey of hymns, which could no longer be heard from an Ebbot Lundberg since “Behind The Music”.