Joel Silbersher formed Hoss in the late 80’s with Scott, Mick Webber and Todd McNeair. The first album Guzzle was released on Au-Go-Go in 1990. The first single Green came out on Grown up Wrong. The second album You Get Nothing LP in 1992 on Dog Meat Records . Cave Me In CD, Dog Meat Records. 1993 saw Bring on the Juice CD, Dog Meat Records. Gentle Claws,EP, 1993 Dog Meat Records. Every Day Lies CD, Dog Meat Records 1995. The Godess Has Time, Wigwam Records B side Toad 1999. Do You Leave Here Often CD, Mongrel Records in 1998. 7inch Tiredest Man Awake B side Token Kiss (live), on Death Valley Records in 1993. 7inch Jack Of Grubs B side Lip From Lip 1994 on Hell Yeh Records/Dog Meat Records.7inch A Nice Quiet Chat B side Where Have all The Good Times Gone 2005.