Out now – a true Surrealist’s script engraved on two beautiful vinyl records. Kim Salmon goes all the way to glam and back, with an ever fiery telecaster and a lot of that attitude.

Introduction superfluous, from the Cheap Nasties to The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon to the Surrealists, Antenna, Business, Precious Jules, Kim & Leanne and countless other appearances…the book of Australian Underground Rock would be a much shorter and probably a whole less interesting read without Kim Salmon’s ever productive nervous energy. Proto-Grunge, Garage Rock, a crazed Beefheart/Funk/Jazzrock-sense thrown into an ever firece blender of a human jukebox himself. You get the picture.

Here is the new album by Australian living legend KIM SALMON. In this occasion Kim Salmon presents his versatility in the shape of minimal sounds a la Kim Salmon & The Surrealists with a strong base of UK Glam kind of Slade and T-Rex, crossing his way with the melodies of The Only Ones, all of it with the unique personal stamp of Kim Salmon. This double LP, presented in gatefold jacket, melts from its grooves music which will be immediately recognized by the fans of Kim Salmon all over the world since it’s composing, playing and performing is 100% Kim Salmon. No need to say more: Kim Salmon at his purest essence…