PENNY IKINGER electric guitaristsingersongwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Released her debut solo album ELECTRA on DENIZ TEK’S label CAREER RECORDS (USA) on CD in 2003; and on BANG! RECORDS (Basque Country, Spain) on vinyl in 2006. Recorded at HOTHOUSE, Melbourne and produced by PENNY IKINGER & engineer CRAIG HARNATH, ELECTRA appeared on Top Ten lists for 2003 in America, Canada and Australia. PENNY IKINGER toured America, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand between 2003 – 2006………. ELECTRA: “Incredibly cool femme fatale laid-back noise by Australian guitar beauty…Ikinger’s voice and amazing guitar work makes this one helluva piece of female rock” Lowcut (USA) Top Ten Album 2003 International “Toe nail polish and noise guitar. Sexy, silvery sandals and breathy, twisting and turning vocals. I bet they stare at her guitar and worship at her feet back in her native Australia” Mohair Sweets(USA) “Penny Ikinger is ready to take America by storm…It is the closest any female – hell, any human – has come to replicating the viruostic majesty of Hendrix. Upstairs, I’m sure the big guy is smiling” Fakejazz (USA)………. PENNY IKINGER began her career in the 1980’s playing guitar in garage punk band WET TAXIS and with LOUIS TILLETT into the 1990’s and beyond. She has appeared on albums by KIM SALMON & THE SURREALISTS, CHARLIE OWEN, LOUIS TILLETT, TEX PERKINS, SACRED COWBOYS & HOSS to mention a few. Currently she also plays guitar in KIM SALMON’S wild instrumental extravaganza: SALMON……….. PENNY IKINGER prepares to record her second solo album…while you’re waiting, read some more about her debut album ELECTRA: “Stunning…Dense with thick distorted chords and swampy moans, but with graceful, delicate moments as well. The disc is primal. raw and gut wrenching” Georgia Straight, Vancouver Daily (Canada) “It’s like she’s harnessed the concentrated energy of a thunderstorm…and it’s straining to explode as she performs all kinds of unnatural acts with her instrument…” Dream Magazine (USA) “…with Ikinger’s agressive white-noise cacophonies of guitar counterpointed by the compelling coo of her voice, each song comes on like a…siren’s call from the depths” The Age (Australia) Top Ten album 2003 Australia……….

PENNY IKINGER & THE EVOLUTION (Melbourne, Australia): Penny Ikinger – guitar and vocals, Andrew McCubbin – guitar, Shamus Goble -drums, Peter Mavric – bass.

PENNY IKINGER (Sydney, Australia) with Deniz Tek – guitar, Jim Dickson – bass, Nick Fisher – drums, Penny Ikinger – guitar & vocals.