In 1988 during a garage rock concert in a small club in Madrid, guitarists Mike Sobieski and Norah Findlay were dumfounded when two hundred and fifty pound Kike Turmix commandeered the microphone and belted out “The Crusher”. The crowd went wild and Mike and Norah knew they had found the Singer they had been looking for. Two years later with the addition of Barnaby Bowles on bass, The Pleasure Fuckers became Spain´s most notorious punk rock band and continue to leave audiences screaming for more.

THE PLEASURE FUCKERS are a Punk Rock band. The fact that they consider themselves a good-time Rock´n´Roll band reflects their attitude toward their adoptive homein Madrid. This town´s unique Rock´n´Roll nightlife is what brought together The Pleasure Fuckers with their diverse backgrounds: bassist Barnaby Bowles from London, guitarists Mike Sobieski and Norah Findlay from California, Kike Turmix from the Basque country and drummer Jorge Fuertes, Madrid´s only native son. The blending of cultures together with domineering guitar riffs, straight forward melodies and fast driving rhythms accounts for their success not only in Spain but also all over Europe, South America; The United States, Canada, Japan and Australia.

The Pleasure Fuckers began touring Spain and France after the publication of their first LP “Loud, Lubbed and Live”. More tan five hundred concerts, four European tours, one USA tour, and five LP´s later The Pleasure Fuckers are the only Spanish Punk Rock band with  a live reputation wich estreches from The Canary Islands to Stockholm to New York, and from Seattle to Belgium to Slovenia. With two LPs edited in The USA, two more in Germany and France and a Live CD recorded in Prague, The Pleasure Fuckers have received huge critical acclaim all over the world.

For Your Pleasure is The Pleasure Fucker´s fifth studio álbum and second to be released on Roto Records in Spain. Recorded in at Madrid´s Box Studio and co-produced by Mike Sobieski and Ian Burgess, the resulting fourteen songs surpass even the own band´s expectations. For Your Pleasure” was licensed and released by Grita! Based in New York. Ass-kickers such as “Captain Igloo”, “30 Seconds”, “last Smoke, Last Dime” and “Sexy french Moterfucker” toguether with the cover versions by legendary Singe-songwriter Manolo Cabezabolo and “Socio de Satan” selected by Alex de la Iglesia for the soundtrackof his movie “El Dia de la Bestia” have had The P.F. fans shouting “Fuckers for Life”! all around the globe.

In spring 1997 following the release of For Your Pleasure, The Fuckers set out on a 3 ½ month tour of the USA and Europe. They completed an incredible successful 6 weeks and 12.000 miles in the USA supported by new Amphetamine Reptile Records signings Nashville Pussy. The concerts in New York, San Francisco; Seattle and Austin, Texas sold out and all over the country, the US kids were finally able t osee the iberian rockers fase to fase, at their peak of their Rock´n´Roll power. The bandreturned to their home base in Madrid for a four-day rest before heading out to Europe for a two month tour wich took in `places as farapart as Croatia and Norway. 1998 has seen the reléase of a compilation EP for Carbon 14 and Will shortly see the release of a 10” on Sympathy For The Record Industry entitled Fuck The Luxe.