Radio KSG is a collaboration of musical friends from Sydney and Melbourne joined to play for the joy of music. Featuring members from a number of classic iconic rock bands from the independent Australian music scene.

Kent Steedman has played  guitar with The Celibate Rifles for 40 years and participated in projects with Deniz Tek, Crent, Yage, La secta, Jim Moginie and the Family Dog , Screaming Trees and others.

Russell Barecivic has played bass with Bored and Pray TV among others and is a solid well respected bass player .

Ben Brown sang in The Hellmen and is a globally respected artist and designer from Sydney. He has done covers and posters for  bands from underground indie to Gun and Roses levels.

Vince Donato plays drums from Melbourne underground bands and has worked in labels and management in Melbourne and globally.

The band come together to create and share songs and ideas with a guitar focus and an ironic observance of humanity and language. Enjoying playing music and recording together with many years of experience.