SALMON is looming.
What is Salmon?
SALMON is five guitarists…generating scrap-yards full of metal for two drummers to belligerently pound, slam and flam their way through!

SALMON is 8 individuals of iconic stature wildly shape-throwing and shredding their way through the biggest barrage of demonic power-chords known to human kind.

SALMON does it tough!

In SALMON nothing gets in the way of what counts.

In SALMON what counts are the RIFF and the BEAT…. played heavy.

What about songs you ask?

SALMON doesn’t need your puny songs!

Songs are for propping up weak riffs and lame beats that can’t stand on their own.

SALMON has scientists working round the clock to come up with riffs so hard they stand up on their own.

SALMON has carefully selected its crew from the finest available to drive its stellar machinery. This crew comprises… Matt walker, Ash Naylor, Clare Moore, Anton Ruddick, Mike Stranges, Penny Ikinger and Dave Graney and Kim Salmon. These brave folk are indeed the right stuff for the mission.

These brave folk have put themselves under the all seeing, all hearing scrutiny of SALMON .

Other bands hustle record deals, then plan and record albums.

SALMON does nothing! A SALMON record album comes into existence like the force of nature that it is! Like the ‘Big Bang!’ Indeed Bang! records came to SALMON and the Album ‘Rock Formations’ came into existence!

‘Rock Formations’ is the onslaught of SALMON made actual! In CD or double gatefold vinyl album form! Now you can have the six axes of evil and the twin drums of doom wreaking havoc in your own home!

Pretenders shall bow down before SALMON as it lays the rock and roll world to waste.

You may try to hide from the inevitability of SALMON but be warned.

Resistance is useless!