A very brief biography about…THE STU THOMAS PARADOX

STU THOMAS has worked with some of Australia’s greatest bands.

He joined Kim Salmon & The Surrealists on bass in ’95, and worked his way around the globe with Kim Salmon in: The Surrealists, The Business, The Scientists & Kim’s solo band.

At present, Stu divides his time between fronting THE STU THOMAS PARADOX, and playing Baritone guitar for Dave Graney & Clare Moore featuring The Lurid Yellow Mist.

Stu’s first album is “Devil & Daughter”. It excavates a deep well of sounds centred around nylon-string guitar and baritone voice. Featuring duets with guest chanteuses, it recalls the spacey days of Nancy & Lee, Lou Reed & Nico, Lee Marvin & Peggy Lee, et al…The album is due for European release via Spanish boutique label, Bang! in September 2007.

Stu’s earlier solo credits extend to Stu & The Celestials, The Brass Bed, Organism & Crumpet, groups which he formed and fronted, to expose his songs. Stu has appeared as a solo artiste in Australia, New Zealand & Germany.

In past times, Stu played bass with Spencer P Jones, Luxedo, Billy Miller, Barb Waters, Dan Brodie, Mike Noga’s Soldiers, Red Lantern, and more. He appears on many releases from his own projects as well as on recordings by other artists of note.