Originally part of a solo project to fulfil a recording contract, the Dark Horses had formed into a band by the release of the second album Dark Horses in 2000. Like much of Tex Perkins’ musical past, Charlie Owens was a big part of the Dark Horses project. Other Dark Horse collaborators were Jim Elliot, Joel Silbersher, Murray Paterson and Skritch Needham. In August 2006 Perkins commented on ABC2’s Dig program that the Cruel Sea and Dark Horses were no more. On 10 June 2011, Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses released a new, self-titled album, and in September and October 2011 they conducted a national tour to launch the album. Band members for the 2011 tour were Charlie Owen, Joel Silbersher and two new members, bassist Steve Hadley and drummer Gus Agars.