It is our pleasure to announce the forthcoming releases:

***LYDIA LUNCH “Honeymoon in red”, LP

At last, a vinyl reissue on this master piece by LYDIA LUNCH, originally recorded in 1982 and released in 1987.
Lydia Lunch, the worldwide recognized artist from New York, recorded this album with THE BIRTHDAY PARTY as well as other friends and mixed it at legendary B.C. Studio in Brooklyn. This album features:

– ROWLAND S. HOWARD (The Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls): vocals, guitar
– NICK CAVE (The Birthday Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds): vocals
– TRACY PEW (The Birthday Party): bass
– MICK HARVEY (The Birthday Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds): drums
– GENEVIEVE McGUCKIN (These Immortal Souls): piano
– THURSTON MOORE (Sonic Youth): guitar
– BARRY ADAMSON (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Magazine): double bass
Released under license from WidowSpeak Productions. A total must!

***THE GUN CLUB “In my room”, LP

Yes! It exists! Here is athe unreleased album of THE GUN CLUB recorded in the very last days of the band in the period of “Lucky Jim”.
Absolutely astonishing recordings with JEFFREY LEE PIERCE´s own tracks as well as covers by The Who, Wilson Pickett and more.

Released under license from Creeping Ritual Productions.


***THE GUN CLUB “Elvis from hell”, 2LP
 David Arnoff

Double album featuring rare recordings, with top quality sound, all through the career of THE GUN CLUB, including their very first demo, recorded before “The fire of love” LP!
All you could expect from JEFFREY LEE PIERCE as well as his bandmates through the years. Electric and precious acoustic songs.
A perfect compilation to enter into the music of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club, as well as for all the artist and band fans worldwide to listen to excellent rare material.

***THE APE (Tex Perkins)”Give in”, LP

Second album by Tex Perkins´ project THE APE, this time getting into more atmospheric and intense, as well as weird and experimental, sounds. Top stuff, as you can expect!
Tex Perkins has been developing all through the years different sounds and aspects of music with THE BEASTS OF BOURBON, THE CRUEL SEA, THE BUTCHER SHOP, THE DARK HORSES, etc. And now approaches a new magnificent one!

***And more interesting news soon.

Already available:
– THE WIPERS “Rrities” 2LP
– JEFF McDONALD (REDD KROSS), LP (Out of Stock!)
– GRANT HART (HÜSKER DÜ) “Oeuvrevue”, LP
– THE CHROME CRANKS “Diabolical boogie”, 3LP
– TEX PERKINS AND THE DARK HORSES “Tunnel at the end of the light”, LP
– THE CELIBATE RIFLES “5 languages”, LP

Coming out very soon:
– BORED! “Piggyback”, 2LP
– THE KILL DEVIL HILLS “Iin on under near water”, LP