It is our pleasure to announce the forthcoming releases:


For the first time on vinyl, here it is this astonishing performace from 1993 where Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard exposed the intensity and most extreme sound as well as their perfect harmony and fraternity.

The band includes Jim Sclavunos (from Sonic Youth, The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, etc) and Harry Howard (from These Immortal Souls).



NIKKI SUDDEN & ROWLAND S. HOWARD “Johnny smiled slowly”, LP

Absolutely killer recording of Nikki Sudden with Rowland S. Howard, where they are doing purely songs of The Jacobites.

If you can imagine the sound of The Jacobites with the guitar of The Birthday Party, then you are still far away from the extreme mix of beauty and distortion included in this recording that these two legends of rock n roll performed back in 1987.



BRIAN HENRY HOOPER (The Beasts of Bourbon) with GARETH LIDDIARD (The Drones) “What would I know?”, LP

Can you imagine a new album from BRIAN HENRY HOOPER (The Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, Rowland S. Howard) with GARETH LIDDIARD of The Drones? And what does it sound like? Picture Syd Barrett lost in Australia and you got it!

Warning: Not for newies. You need to truly listen to it a few times and them you will desperately love this album! (Not for MP3 Apple warmers).



THE BEASTS OF BOURBON “Live at Vitoria-Gasteiz 2005 Azkena Rock Festival”, LPWoooh Hoooo!!!! This is probably the most fucked up release on Bang! Records so far! This is not even for sale! It was a promotional LP released in JV between Azkena Rock Festival and Bang! Records in order to promote the festival and label among the attendees of the most extreme and rocking festival worldwide! As simple as that. If you were not there, sorry… search in the second hand market and good luck!




THE NOMADS, best rock n roll band ever from Sweden! Their reputation is worldwide known with fans in Europe, USA and Australia.

This record full of singles and rarities from their period 1981-1993 was released in 1994 only on double CD format, and now finally sees the light on remastered deluxe edition. Triple LP with trifold cover, full of awesome photos, interviews texts, etc.

Here we find their own tracks as well as amazing covers from such a wide range of artists… and it even includes the track Jeffrey Lee Pierce from The Gun Club wrote for The Nomads, as well as the cooperation of Johnny Thunders in the studio with them.



HUGO RACE and The TRUE SPIRIT “Spirirual thirst”,  LP

Finally released on vinyl, this magnificent album from 1993 which Hugo Race & the True Spirit released only in Europe and on CD.

This record was at the peak of Hugo Race´s period delivering the rawest blues sound.

The sound of this album is like mixing The Beasts of Bourbon “black milk” with Rowland S. Howard “Teenage snuff film”.

As raw, bluesy, swampy and brutal as this.




What was before THE DRONES and even before THE GUTTERVILLE EXPLENDOUR SIX? This!!!! Gareth Liddiard and Rui Pereira seeding the seed of noise and distortion in 1994 in this project which recorded this never before released brutal album of what is 100% THE DRONES sound!!!!





THE GUN CLUB “in my room”, CD

As per popular demand, this very last album of THE GUN CLUB will be released on CD format.



JEFFREY LEE PIERCE “Anarchic blues”, 2LP

Extended version of vinyl edition of this magnificent recording of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, all pure acoustic blues, recorded in Slovenia in 1994. As far as we know, the very last recording of Jeffrey Lee Pierce! And it sounds killer!



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