It is our pleasure to announce the forthcoming releases:

*** THE FUZZTONES “Gonn primitive”, 2LP

THE FUZZTONES, New York City legends of garage and fuzz!!!! “Gonn primitive” is a brutally fuzzed up performance at highest quality from 2007 by THE FUZZTONES, alongside 60s garage legend Craig Moore from GONN, released for the very first time with exclusive liner notes by the artists and fully detailed photography sleeved on gatefold deluxe jacket and cover design by Rudi Potrudi.
In Fuzz we trust!!!

*** REDD KROSS “Hot issue”, LP

Yes! Here it comes! The fastly sold out self release by REDD KROSS, compilling rare tracks at highest quality from 1981 to 2007 and and mainly focused on the golden age of early 90s.

This record has reached impossible prices in the records gamblin´ market, and now it is available for all fans worldwide of this legendary Californian band.

Released under exclusive license from REDD KROSS and in colored vinyl, this is a total must for rock and roll fans.

*** THE JACOBITES “Heart of hearts”, LP

British legends, Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth were THE JACOBITES. And “Heart of hearts” is their album from 1995 which was only released in Spain and on CD. And now here it is, on vinyl and worldwide available!
As expected from these Gentlemen of fortune, this record sounds delicate, precious and melodic as only they knew how to create.
Remastered for its best sound and with previously unseen photography, “Heart of hearts” fulfills your ears with emotion and feelings.

*** THE MEANIES “Televolution”, LP

Woooh Hoooo!!!! THE MEANIES!!!! Televolution is the record released in 1993 in Seattle, USA and only in CD format by these Australian masters of distorted melody punk rock and pop. This album compiles their late 80s and early 90s grooviest tracks. Their influence was so huge on the Seattle scene of the early 90s that it was mandatory to have their local release. Now for the first time available on vinyl! As expected, with awesome graphic insane design with THE MEANIES stamp.

And more interesting news soon.


Already available:

– LYDIA LUNCH (with THE BIRTHDAY PARTY) “Honeymoon in red”, LP


– BORED! “Piggyback”, 2LP

– THE KILL DEVIL HILLS “In on under near water”; LP

Coming out very soon:
– THE GUN CLUB “in my room”, LP

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