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The Honeymoon Killers were an American noise rock band from New York City, formed in 1983 by Jerry Teel. Their name is taken from the 1970 crime film The Honeymoon Killers. The Honeymoon Killers’ sound is deeply rooted in the blues earning them comparisons to The Cramps, whose music was highly influential to Teel. The nucleus of the band was Jerry Teel and Lisa Wells, with Sally Edroso serving as the longest standing drummer between 1985 and 1990. The group’s rotating line-ups would consist of members belonging to like-minded bands such as Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, Ritual Tension and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Their first three albums were independent releases issued by the band’s label Fur Records. The group disbanded in 1994, with its leader Jerry Teel forming The Chrome Cranks with drummer Bob Bert and guitarist William Gilmore Weber and Peter Aaron.

Band members:

  • Jerry Teel (The Chrome Cranks, Knoxville Girls, Big City Stompers…)
  • Lisa Wells
  • Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Pussy Galore)
  • Russell Simins (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)


*** THE DRONES “Wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by”, 2LP

Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By is the second album released by the Drones. Recorded “100% live” (like its predecessor), the album draws influence from the likes of Neil Young and The Beasts Of Bourbon, though it has been described by lead singer/guitarist Gareth Liddiard himself as a punk rock album. The lyrics, penned by Liddiard, deal with issues such as death, depression and alcoholism in its depiction of Australian working class life.

The album received critical acclaim upon release, regarded later on as the band’s “break-out” and one of their most popular releases. The track “Shark Fin Blues”, in particular, went on to become a concert staple and was voted by contemporary Australian songwriters as the greatest Australian song of all time in October 2009. The album itself was performed live in its entirety many times, even as a part of the acclaimed Don’t Look Back concert series. In 2008, The Age ranked it the best Australian album of the 21st century. Three years later, the band’s contemporaries & “industry experts” would vote it the 24th best Australian album of all time.


*** THE PLEASURE FUCKERS “Fried cheese & pivo”, 2LP

In 1988 during a garage rock concert in a small club in Madrid, guitarists Mike Sobieski and Norah Findlay were dumfounded when two hundred and fifty pound Kike Turmix commandeered the microphone and belted out “The Crusher”. The crowd went wild and Mike and Norah knew they had found the Singer they had been looking for. Two years later with the addition of Barnaby Bowles on bass, The Pleasure Fuckers became Spain´s most notorious punk rock band and continue to leave audiences screaming for more.

THE PLEASURE FUCKERS are a Punk Rock band. The fact that they consider themselves a good-time Rock´n´Roll band reflects their attitude toward their adoptive homein Madrid. This town´s unique Rock´n´Roll nightlife is what brought together The Pleasure Fuckers with their diverse backgrounds: bassist Barnaby Bowles from London, guitarists Mike Sobieski and Norah Findlay from California, Kike Turmix from the Basque country and drummer Jorge Fuertes, Madrid´s only native son. The blending of cultures together with domineering guitar riffs, straight forward melodies and fast driving rhythms accounts for their success not only in Spain but also all over Europe, South America; The United States, Canada, Japan and Australia.

The Pleasure Fuckers began touring Spain and France after the publication of their first LP “Loud, Lubbed and Live”. More tan five hundred concerts, four European tours, one USA tour, and five LP´s later The Pleasure Fuckers are the only Spanish Punk Rock band with a live reputation wich estreches from The Canary Islands to Stockholm to New York, and from Seattle to Belgium to Slovenia. With two LPs edited in The USA, two more in Germany and France and a Live CD recorded in Prague, The Pleasure Fuckers have received huge critical acclaim all over the world.


*** THE MEANIES “Come ´n´ see”, LP

The Meanies got together in Melbourne, Australia in 1989 and immediately made a name for themselves with a succession of sold out 7″ singles on the Au Go Go label. They continued the relationship with Au Go Go (home to Australian groups like Magic Dirt, Scientists and Spiderbait) with the EP “Gangrenous” and the album Come ‘n’ See in 1991. In this time The Meanies had established themselves as one of Australia’s pre-eminent underground rock bands through cultivating a huge all-age following and upsetting the rock establishment by breaking attendance records in the nation’s capital cities. Meanies’ songs were also released as singles on international labels around the world such as Sympathy For The Record Industry, Merge, Lance Rock, Get Hip and Munster.


*** ASTEROID B-612 “S/T” (first album), LP

Bang! Records released Asteroid B-612’s self-titled first album for the first time on vinyl, originally released on CD in 1993. This is the very first album of legendary Australian band Asteroid B-612. Originally recorded and released in Melbourne, Australia in 1993, this album was produced by Dave Thomas from Bored! all in one take! So, you can assume it is a monster piece of sonic hazard and guitar army sound mixing Detroit’s wildest with Australian classics. This album was their rawest and most extreme violent sound, and it was released only on CD and only in Australia, and it’s been remastered in order to deliver the most brutal sound of this band, as it was. A total must for all fans worldwide of MC5, Stooges, Dark Carnival, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, Radio Birdman, The New Christs, Bored!, Hellacopters, etc.


*** THE CELIBATE RIFLES “Sideroxylon”, LP

Originally released in 1983, this is The Celibate Rifles´ first album, finally reissued on vinyl and remastered in order to make it sound as it was originally expected to! As well as with gatefold cover and including liner notes by Damien Lovelock and Kent Steedman.
This record meant The Celibate Rifles entering directly into their place as one of Australian most influential bands ever in the high energy sounds alongside Radio Birdman and The New Christs.
With Kent Steedman on guitar and a rock solid rhythm base, Damien Lovelock guided the band with his personal voice and vocals.
A more than needed reissue in order to understand high energy rock all the way from Detroit to Sydney.

Remastered from the original tapes.


*** THE CELIBATE RIFLES “Extract from the fungus”, LP

A collection of songs recorded throughout the history of The Celibate Rifles. The Celibate Rifles were well known for their iconic and unusual versions of songs that inspired or horrified them and sometimes even recorded them. The first five songs are from a 1985 session that was planned as a cover album but did not come to fruition in the end. These themes are all the ones that went the furthest. Demos and preliminary mixes to later add and finish. That never happened live on studio recordings; the lead vocal was recorded on other sessions. “Hot Stuff” is a recreation of The Rifles from a classic record and “I’m Gonna Try” was the last session the band recorded with just a leading voice, but it was the last session Damien sang in the studio before he became unwell and could not complete the session. These songs are all unreleased versions except “6 Days On The Road” sung with Barry Crocker which was on a 4 ZZZ radio fundraising album. Any other song repeated in some other album or compilation is a different mix or take than the one with “Extract from The Fungus”. This album is an offering to fans in appreciation for their support throughout the years rather than something to further the band’s career. The Celibate Rifles sadly no longer exist, but they allow this to remember and maintain the legacy of the 40 years that they entertained and took on the world.



Spearheaded by twisted Australian guitar legend STU SPASM of LUBRICATED GOAT, CRUNT, and THE BEASTS OF BOURBON, THE ART GRAY NOIZZ QUINTET were originally formed for an afterparty celebrating the New York City premiere of AMPHETAMINE REPTILE documentary THE COLOR OF NOISE.

“It was obvious I must assemble a supergroup of the finest noise rockers New York City had to offer . . .” says Spasm. First choice was basher extraordinaire “BLOODY” RICH HUTCHINS, veteran of such explosive musical exports as LIVE SKULL, OF CABBAGES AND KINGS and RUIN. Next, SKELETON BOY of WOMAN was recruited. “Who, just as LEADBELLY was the King Of The Twelve-String Guitar, is himself The King Of The Two-String Bass.” Then came the twang, with the addition of suave slinger ANDREA SICCO of TWIN GUNS. “When our guitars merge, it forms a most piquant aural melange.” In a nod to the latter half of his birth name, STU SPASM now became ART GRAY, and an entirely new mess was born.

THE ART GRAY NOIZZ QUINTET have recently been witnessed onstage opening for kindred spirits such as THE SCIENTISTS and MUDHONEY, and 2019 saw them survive a successful tour of the West Coast. Catching the eye of No Wave Queen LYDIA LUNCH led to teaming up for a collaborative musical effort, and sharing a few stages including bookending tha pandemic, with one of the last shows of 2020 NYC before lockdown hit, and a triumphant return to the boards in July 2021.


Already available:

– MONKEYWRENCH “Electric children”, LP

– THE DRONES “Here come the lies”, 2LP

– THE KNOXVILLE GIRLS “in a ripped dress”, LP – out of stock-

– SEÑOR NO “94/20”, LP

– SONIC´S RENDEZVOUS BAND “No sleep till Ypsilanti”, LP

– BRIAN HENRY HOOPER “I won´t bend for you”, LP

– ASTEROID B-612 “Forced To The Corner”, LP


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