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Straight Freak Ticket is the 4th album by Seattle alternative rock band Love Battery.

It was originally recorded in 1994 and released only in USA and on CD format.

Now it is being released on vinyl for the first time.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer called it “a solid, well-produced album of guitar-based rock with catchy hooks and a strong dose of psychedelia.”

USA Today labeled the album “a psychedelic tour de force and dramatic leap forward,” writing that “the antigrunge guitar riff-o-rama of Ron Nine and Kevin Whitworth propels the Seattle quartet’s most adventurous and listenable tunes to date.”

The band, featuring members of Mother Love Bone, Green River, Skin Yard, The Presidents of the USA, is:

Ron Nine – Vocals, Guitar / Kevin Whitworth – Guitar / Jason Finn – Drums / Bruce Fairweather – Bass

This vinyl edition has been remastered by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc)

Limited edition of 500 copies.