The Dawn Of ANTiSEEN 1984-1986 (LP) | New | Order

Witness the sonic evolution of ANTiSEEN with these tracks, originally released on their mid 80s EPs and now all together for the first time on vinyl.

Newly remastered and with previously unreleased photography, this is the Kings of Destructo-Rock at their most primal!!

According to Jeff Clayton´s words:

“What you have here is a collection of the earliest releases of a band made up mostly of small southern town guys trying to make a name for themselves in the “big city”.

With little help or guidance (with the exception of a few very influential cases) we created what became OUR sound and OUR attitude that would stay with us for four decades.

Come hear the DAWN OF ANTISEEN.”

Limited to 600 units. For fans of GG ALLIN, DWARVES, BORED!…