Always Got Something To Lose (7″) | DELETED

It’s been 4 years since the last time these australian old school rockers let us enjoy some new stuff. They haven’t stopped playing live (from time to time they did some club of their natal Sydney and even less often they played Melbourne), but ever since their wonderful “Reading Between The Lines” they hadn’t released anything. So now, and with BANG!’s usual politics of recovering dark gems, we present you with a new exclusive single, limited to 500 copies, in which are included two lost songs from their best period. These two songs (one of their own, “Always got Something to Lose”, and the other, “Murder City Revolution”, a demolishing HUMPERS cover) were recorded in 1995 and 1996 in U.S.A and Australia respectively. Here you can find the latest recording Stewart “Leadfinger” Cunningham (PROTON ENERGY PILLS, YES-MEN, BROTHER BRICK, ROLL CAGE…) ever made with ASTEROID B612, just before he got into a (real) fight with the band’s leader, Johnny casino, in the U.S. Today, Johnny Casino is completely commited to his solo career and to his other band, THE EGOS. So this may be the last recording of ASTEROID B612. Two shots of pure aussie rock, in the NEW CHRISTS, CELIBATE RIFLES etc tradition. You can’t live without it. And you may never have the chance to get it again!!