Not Meant For This World (LP) | New! | Order It!

At last! ASTEROID B-612 “Not meant for this world!” long awaited vinyl reissue of this classic album of Australian high energy rock´n´roll!

Originally recorded and released in Sydney – Australia in 1996, this legendary band, under guidance of their leader John A. Spittles (a.k.a. Johnny Casino), this album reached the maximum exposition of sonic attack and guitar army sound mixing Detroit´s wildest with Australian classics.

This album was released on CD and with a super short vinyl edition which is impossible to find nowadays, it is now reissued with added graphic material and remastered in order to reach the deserved level of sharpened guitars and rusted wall of sound!

A total must for all fans worldwide of MC5, Stooges, Dark Carnival, Sonic´s Rendezvous Band, Radio Birdman, The New Christs, Bored!, Hellacopters, etc.

Limited edition of 500 copies!