30 Years On Borrowed Time (3LP) | DELETED

This is, with no doubt, the craziest project we have entered.To celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the best rock bands in history of music we are proud to announce the insane release of a triple vinyl live album of The Beasts Of Bourbon in limited triple gatefold deluxe edition.

These are 3 different concerts with their 3 different line-ups:

– Original line-up: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Kim Salmon, Boris Sujdovic, James Baker.

– The Low Road line-up: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Kim Salmon, Brian Hooper, Tony Pola.

– Current line-up: Tex Perkins, Spencer P. Jones, Charlie Owen, Brian Hooper, Tony Pola.

This is an absolutely necessary document where loud feedback and low swamp rock bleed from the vinyl grooves.

3 concerts done in Australian festivals during 2013 with an absolutely astonishing quality of sound to make your head explode!

We insist, this is an exclusive limited edition to celebrate that this gentlemen of fortune are still alive, kicking and rocking harder than ever! No remorse, no concessions, no forgiveness. The Beasts Of Bourbon at their very loudest and rawest.

Take it or leave it.