Little Animals (1st Edition) (LP) | DELETED

THE BEASTS OF BOURBON ARE BACK!!! Older, dirtier and more dangerous than ever.

The edition of the new album “little animals” means, besides of the return of the one we believe is the best Australian band (ever!!!), another turn in their amazing music career.

A record that moves among swamp blues, Aussie 70s hard (kinda AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO), NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE psychodelia and the unique BEASTS OF BOURBON sound.

Songs of hatred and anxiety which speak about subjects such as sadomasochism, overdoses, death, betrayal and thug behavior so well known by this buch of bad men and better musicians.

When you listen to it you still have that feeling of danger going down your spine, and the feeling of them saying something like “fuck! how we hate each other!!!”

After showing during the last two years on stage that they keep on being one of the most burning and dangerous bands, in July 2006 they get into the studio in Melbourne and give birth (in 3 days!!!) to this sonic punch.

The rythm base of Brian Hooper and Tony Pola stands raw and hard as a rock, the guitars of Spencer P. Jones and Charlie Owen cut like a rusted razor and the voice of Tex Perkins rapes your ears with his suburbian blues.

Another master piece released for the whole planet by ALBERT MUSIC and licesed to BANG! Rcds. for a limited vinyl edition of 1000 numbered copies in deluxe gatefold and 180gr vinyl.