Love In A Cold Place (CD) | Order it!!

Australia keep on offering bands with demoliting quality. Keep BLACK PONY EXPRESS as an example. New young band from Melbourne which surprises us with this very first album, with style, quality and knownledge totally out of expectations. Dominion of melodies, instumentation (from the dirties and darkest guitars, to the most delicate violin strings) and vocals.

Crawling from the Australian swamp blues of the deepest Nick Cave, going through Easter Europe folk, as well as percussions that could be signed by Tom Waits, BLACK PONY EXPRESS are in the bullseye of the great new bands of the new antipodic generation. An astonishing record which makes you feel from the beggining to the end. No doubt at all it´s a perfect record signed by these six musicians who, very soon will be sounding everywhere (we have seen it before with bands like THE DRONES).

Don´t let go this record, exclusive for Bang! Rcds. edited in deluxe triple cover digipack CD, and deluxe limited edition gatefold LP + bonus track (500 copies only).