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Finally on vinyl, BLOODLOSS´ “in-a-gadda-da-change” was originally recorded in Seattle and released in 1993 only on CD format.

Recorded prior to their Warner/Reprise release ‘Live my Way’, in-a-gadda-da-change finds Bloodloss squealing and writhing in a swamp of sound where Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits gather on an insane trip backed by a band of electric psychos, crooning about smoking, toilets, back shaving, fish wives and dancing on hate street with such vigor that you can’t help but cheer him them.

Bloodloss’ sound might be a bit abrasive for Mudhoney fans, but their music is richly rewarding and truly unique.

The band:

  • Renestair EJ
  • Mark Arm (Mudhoney. Monkeywrench)
  • Guy Maddison (Mudhoney)
  • Martin Bland (Monkeywrench)