Negative Waves (+ Bonus Tracks) (LP) | DELETED

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first edition of this album, BANG! RECORDS is proud to reissue BORED’s “Negative Waves”.

If this album can claim the title of the biggest brutality ever to come out from Australia, a chaotic orgy of feedback, reverb, fuzz, wha-wha and any other wild sound, it has anyway been remastered by the band’s mastermind Dave Thomas in order to get an even wildest and tightest sound than the original release (in which differences in the sound could be heard as a consequence of the different mixing sessions).

This reissue, made with love and care in every detail, with a double jacket, includes a lot of extra songs. This bonus means two extra songs in the 180 gram vinyl version (“Round and round” & “Search and destroy” with Joel Silbersher from HOSS, TENDRILS, MELONMAN, GOD, TEX PERKINS AND THE DARK HORSES on the voice, rescued from two impossible-to-find singles, and recorded in the same sessions), and no less than 5 VIDEOS in the CD version which will leave you amazed and shocked with the energy and brutality of their live shows (with MC5 and The Stooges covers included)!! Undisputedly a classic among classics of Australian Rock, available Now in limited vinyl and CD edition of 500 copies!! It includes extensive notes and commentaries from some of their members (Dave Thomas, John Nolan –Powder Monkeys- and Tim Hegarty –the band’s manager), as well as previously unseen images. We need to repeat it: one of the key works of Aussie Rock and Roll history, and one of the most unexpected and deserved reissues of the last years. Smash your ears if you dare!! LAST COPIES!!!