Lemon Lime & Bitter (CD) | Order it!!

Brian Henry Hooper (BEASTS OF BOURBON, KIM SALMON & SURREALISTS, VOYEURS) shocks us again with this gem in the most pure tradition of Australian R´N´R. There was an empty vacant place for too long among the swamp bluesmen. It´s covered again! He gave us a bit of it with the edition of his band THE VOYEURS, and now he highlights with this wonder where he vomits all his demons.

Don´t be afraid of mixing the most acid John Lennon, with Johnny Thunder´s “Hurt Me”, with the beasts and the surrealists. Add all the hatred caused by so many years of retained silence, and there you are! “lemon lime & bitter”. It´s a bomb that explodes in your hands, from the begining to the end. It´s a record that you cannot let go once you start listening to it. You simply keep on listening til it´s over. You´re hooked.

Once again, courtesy of BANG! Rcds, another collector item with the most excluive antipodic sound. Deluxe digipack CD (1000 copies), and double gatefold LP full color (with 1 extra track + lyrics + recording info…) (500 copies). If i was you, i wouldn´t let it go, now that you have the change of getting it, bloke!