Trouble (LP) | Order it!!

BRIAN HENRY HOOPER delivers his 3rd solo album in a total expression of control and dominion on his targets and ideas.
This is, with no doubt, his best work up to date and, again, he has chosen the cream of the crop to surround him and cover his back for this work.
Needed to mention that Mick Harvey has produced it and played all through the album, this work has a reminiscent taste of the late 80s and early 90s records by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, as well as deep influence on it of the 70s Lou Reed and David Bowie. All of it mixed with the vicious and swampy touch of Brian Hooper´s worldwide known band THE BEASTS OF BOURBON.
Besides of Mick Harvey we can hear in this album Brian´s band mates in The Beasts Of Bourbon, Spencer P. Jones and Charlie Owen, as well as Penny Ikinger, appart of the presence of his usual musicians at Brian Hooper Band. This album is absolutely delicate, exquisite, distiguished and mature, as well as being, at the same time, swampy, vicious and full of intensity.
Bang! Records is putting out a deluxe vinyl edition, while CD version is being released in Australia through prestigious Melbourne label Spooky Records.
A true master piece where all tracks, one after another, are simply perfect.