Ain’t No Lies In Blood (LP) | DELETED

THE CHROME CRANKS are back with a new album! After 15 years, the classic line up of this already legendary NY band (featuring Peter Aaron, William Weber, Bob Bert and Jerry Teel) got together again in 2009 to launch their compilation album “The murder of time” and play live in NY and France. Then in 2010 they wrote new songs and got back in the studio to record this new piece of their brutal swamp-noise blues. Dirtier, louder and even angrier than their 90s recordings “Ain´t no lies in blood” delivers 9 full-on tracks where The Scientists meet The Stooges, all wrapped by the steamy pollution of New York City sound, creating this personal sound already exposed by the band back in the day. In other words: The Chrome Cranks at their purest. Artwork is done by Michael Gira (Swans) and it is released on CD in the USA via Thick Syrup Rcds. and on vinyl in Europe through Bang! Rcds.