The Low Road / Tomorrow Is A Long Time (7″) | DELETED

Listening to THE DEVASTATIONS music means to take a walk on the darkest side of Australian roots. The isolation, bad feeling and pain caused by the fact of being born, and living in such a devastated city like Melbourne (“lost city” as THE POWDER MONKEYS called it) is clearly, sadly and deeply expressed all through the their music. Growing up listening to THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, THE BEASTS OF BOURBON or HUGO RACE, mixed with their passion for the old world, Europe (in fact they moved to EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN´s Berlin),supposed for THE DEVASTATIONS the development of a really sad and amazing style of music, without which, it is imposible to understand the Aussie musical scene nowadays. Considering all these facts, it´s easy to understand that the only covers they have recorded are from THE BEASTS OF BOURBON and BOB DYLAN (their latest 7″ single, on BANG! RECORDS). Numbered limited edition of 500 copies in a deluxe gatefold cover.