A Thousand Mistakes (2LP) (LP) | DELETED

THE DRONES are back.

After five albums, 10 years touring and a deserved break for a rest and personal projects, THE DRONES come back on tour presenting a new album of old songs re-recorded as they are seen by their authors these days, or as they were expected to be back in the day.

This revision of rarely played tracks is a new introduction to the darkest side of the music built by this Australian band which has meant the change, evolution and new kind of sound from down under.

This record is being released on double gatefold deluxe vinyl edition by Bang! Records.


1. Penumbra

2. Sixteen Straws

3. The Drifting Housewife

4. Careful As You Go

5. Your Acting’s Like The End Of The World

6. Locust

7. Cold And Sober

8. Work For Me

9. Words From The Executioner To Alexander Pearce

10. The Best You Can Believe In

11. Stop Dreaming

12. I’m Here Now