Millers Daughter (2xLP) (LP) | DELETED

“This isn’t really an outtakes or b-side record…its just that when we recorded ‘Here Come The Lies’ and ‘Wait Long By The River’ we did them six months apart and we had a huge pile of songs….those two records were both really long and we had to ditch some of the stuff we were doing to keep them reasonably timed….most of the stuff is recorded straight up live in the studio….so basically if I fucked up a lyric it didn’t go on the record. we didn’t have the time or money or patience to correct anything….all I can remember about these sessions is just being tired and drunk and hoarse and broke and way too loud for a recording studio…it seems like 20 years ago. But I really like this record…it’s got everything I like about rock n roll in there so I’m totally cool with it….. even though it’s a little messy and rushed. lots of people think we are shit and I hope this makes them think we are even worse after hearing it cause we are just doing our thing and doing a thorough job of it……I hate to sound trite but this is what we think punk sounds like you know??? and any band worth anything knows that you are just there take what you think is most valuable in good music and then show it to everybody… kinda pervert it a little to suit… then you try to enjoy it more than everyone else”.

Gareth Liddiard (Guitar & Vox)