Lit Up! (LP) | Order it!!

NYC-Texas based FIREWORKS delivered during the 90s some of the most brutally loud and distorted swamp-noise-psycho-billy.

FIREWORKS were lead by Darin Lin Wood, who´s signature was involved, among other projects, with Black Snakes or Blacktop, for example.

15 years ago ,and after releasing their debut album on cult label Crypt, FIREWORKS recorded and released only on cd format and only in the USA this 2nd album where they developed further their sound going further to what seemed to be unreachable lebels of swampy trash feedback.

This album, released now for the first time on vinyl by BANG! Records, makes you feel like Pussy Galore are covering The Scientists and The Cramps on a psycho bad trip of metallic rusted scrap.

This will make your ears bleed, mate…