Spilled Your Pint / Sixty Nine (7″) | DELETED

Spilled Your Pint, the new single from north London’s finest, The Flaming Stars, was recorded April-May 2004 at the legendary Toe Rag Studios. The A Side – a mixture of pounding drums, footstomping and shouting – is taken from their new album, Named & Shamed, while the B Side, Sixty Nine, is only available on this single. Since the band first walked into Toe Rag studio in Shoreditch in 1995 to cut their debut single, they’ve played all over the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, America and Japan and racked up seven John Peel Sessions.

“I first saw the Flaming Stars way back when, in the same Kings Cross boozer where the Pogues had started. That night, taking the stage with a louche nonchalance that belied the brutal ferocity of their sound, they stripped the paint off the walls and the skin from my bones. As on every occasion that I have seen them since, they were so live they could have shorted out the National Grid. Absolutely compelling. I recommend that you play this record very loud indeed.” Spider Stacy from The Pogues