The Rotten Mile (LP) | Order it!!

GALLON DRUNK album “The rotten mile”, at last released on vinyl!Originally released in U.K. in 2007 on cd, this awesome record finally sees itself reissued now on vinyl with previously unseen photography as well as liner notes by James Johnston. GALLON DRUNK is actively touring these days and delivering incendiary live acts that prove them to be one of the best bands to ever come out of England. Vaporing from London smoggy sounds and melodies of distortion, swamp, jungle, rock and pure intensity, they fulfill this terrific record which meant back in 2007 the return of GALLON DRUNK taking themselves into the evolution and orientation that their latest records “The road gets darker from here” and “The soul of the hour”. During these years James Johnston as well has been actively taking part in other projects such as member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Lydia Lunch’s Big Sexy Noise. Bang! Records is proud to take part in GALLON DRUNK’s history by releasing this master piece.