Gutterville Splendour Six (2LP) (LP) | Order it!!

GUTTERVILLE SPLENDOUR SIX is the band from Perth, Australia in the late 90s where THE DRONES came from.
The sound is clearly what The Drones came up with afterwards. A brutal amalgama of electricity, distortion, feedback and desperation drinking directly from the fountains of The Scientists and The Birthday Party. Guided by Gareth Liddiard´s guitar, Gutterville Splendour Six show the slow, loud and nasty melodies, fronted by the complex and tortured lyrics which afterwards have become the identifying stamp of The Drones. Among other band members, and besides of Gareth Liddiard, we find other The Drones members, such as Rui Pereira, as well as members of what years after came to be The Kill Devil Hills.
This album compiles the only E.P. they released back in the day plus all the other recordings registered from this band.
Finally available in this record you can find the missing link in between the most extreme Scientists and The Drones.
Released only on double LP, by Bang! Records and with gatefold cover.