Six String Sermon (LP) | DELETED

In 1980, right before the recording of THE GUN CLUB_s mighty debut “The fire of love”, Jeffrey Lee Pierce did a handful of solo acoustic recordings based on his fascination for Mississippi Delta Blues. And this is what this record sounds like. Jeffrey Lee Pierce doing a review of the classic blues. Raw, bitter and straight to your heart.
For the first time these recordings are released on vinyl. This album contains a 16 pages booklet with previously unreleased photography and the inestimable collaboration of friends and people who surrounded Jeffrey Lee Pierce, speaking about their times and memories with him. This list of collaborators in this project include, among others, people like: Henry Rollins (Black Flag / Rollins Band), Sid Griffin (Long Ryders / Coal Porters), Jeremy Gluck (Barracudas), Tav Falco (& the Panthern Burns), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks), Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees), Peter Aaron (Chrome Cranks), Kim Salmon (Scientists), Nick Cave (Birthday Party / Bad Seeds), Terry Graham (Gun Club), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), Dan Stuart (Green On Red), Billy Zoom (X), Kid Congo (Gun Club / Cramps / Bad Seeds / Knoxville Girls / …) etc…