Grand Unifying Theory (LP) | Order it!!

In line with his previous works with Scientists “Human Jukebox” and the first 3 albums as Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, “Grand Unifying Theory” presents a collage of styles and ideas.
Songs like “Turn turn” and “Order of things” are examples of the naked minimalism which was/is the trade mark of The Surrealists.
On the other hands, songs like “RQ1” and “Predate” show the more Detroit and 70s Glam face which inspired Kim Salmon during his early days. But further than recycling the lineal side of these styles, Salmon puts together with musicians with the aggresive lyrics. See as an example “Childhood living” where the artist exposes a furious critic to the hedonism normally related to rock´n´roll lifestyle, and which Salmon knows so deeply after living for several years in the Beasts Of Bourbon. At the same time, he dives into the most transgresor punk with tracks such as “Kneel down at the altar of pop”, where you seem to hear the guitar of Greg Ginn and his Black Flag.
While most of the songs are hard impacts of poisoned energy, cynism and ironic analysis, it is a must to make special mention of the instrumental track/s covering B side for almost 25 minutes, and which titles the album. Further than making a review of his past styles, Salmon rides free on jazzy improvisation, on the muscular and insistive rythm base, where you can find again the early Surrealists as well as Sun Ra, Coltrane and Can. And despise the lenght of the track, it doesn´t fall into the temptation of selfindulgence.
In conclusion, and same as done by himself, or his fans Sonic Youth and Pussy Galore, in the past, Kim Salmon continues redefining his legacy on a personal sonic trip which damages your ears with abrassive sounds in his traditional way, and in the least of cases, out of the commercial circuits.