The Meanie Of Life (LP) | DELETED

Legendary Melbourne rockers THE MEANIES are one of the most intense live bands seen on stage.
Since late 80s they have created themselves a name for their furious and straight attacking songs, with almost impossible but perfectly matching melodies. Mixing with greatness the simplicity of Ramones, the perfect melodies of the Beach Boys, the beautifully annoying distortion and loudness of Australian dirtiest rock and the roughness of crudest grunge rock (the real grunge rock and before it exploded in North West USA)
All this made of THE MEANIES a revered band and desired tour mates for bands such as Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, etc.
“The meanie of life” is an album which was released only on CD and exclusively in Australia in 1993, and is now, for the first time, released on vinyl deluxe edition with gatefold cover.
Even though they never hanged the globes, their concerts happened every here and there and only in Australia. So stay alert because soon they will be visiting us again in Europe (which they didn’t do since the 90s) Their concerts maintain the incendiary substance of the highest octane un-lubricated rock. Don’t miss this!!!