Electra (LP) | Order it!!

PENNY IKINGER, Founder guitar player of the mighty WET TAXIES and LOUIS TILLETT. Ocasional member or cooperator of names such as HOSS, TEX PERKINS, KIM SALMON & SURREALISTS or CHARLIE OWEN (among many others).

This lady, living leyend of the Australian scene, starts her solo career with this marvelous record, which has been already released on CD in the USA by DENIZ TEK (RADIO BIRDMAN) label, CAREER RCDS.

In this record cooperate, among others, BRIAN HENRY HOOPER and CHARLIE OWEN (both in the mighty BEASTS OF BOURBON), as well as LOUIS TILLETT himself. This record takes from the sonic extreme of the SCIENTISTS, through delicate and sensual melodies, up to moments that could be easily described as erotic. Melody and noise, hummed to your ear in a way that, for sure, you haven´t heard before. Don´t miss it or you will regret it.

It´s another advice from BANG! RCDS. As usual, limited deluxe gatefold edition of 500 copies.