Straight Until Morning (7″) | DELETED

ANOTHER AUSTRALIAN JEWELL COURTESY OF BANG! RECORDS. In this ocasión BANG! RCDS is proud to present a single with the best live recording ever by THE POWDER MONKEYS. This dareful afirmation is not done by us. These are textual words by John Nolan (POWDER MONKEYS, BORED!), as he explains himself in the inner part of this gatefold single. He says as well that this is his personal tribute to his late friend and co-leader of the band, Tin Hemensley (POWDER MONKEYS, BORED!, GOD). It was recorded in Melbourne in 1995, at this “damned” band´s best moment, which was one of the most important references to the Scandinavian R´N´R scene which succeded a few years later. >p> This deluxe edition single (red 80 gr vinyl, gatefold, with non previously released live picture and texts by the band) selects 2 tracks absolutly wild and brutal, which sweat reverberation, fuzz and high energy. These two track were originally recorded in studio in their first and second albums. Deniz Tek (RADIO BIRDMAN) himself said: “In my opinion the Powder Monkeys were the hardest rocking outfit I have ever seen in Australia….. equal of the M.C.5 in energy.”. That´s exactly what you can find here, and you will understand the reason for him to say so. You cannot miss as well the artwork which shows some of the biggest passions of this band members. Find yourself what it means. And remember that it is a limited numbered edition of 500 copies. A collectors piece. But most of all … listen to it!!!