Rocket To Tarrawanna (CD) | Order it!!

Finally after many years of effort and waiting, The Proton Energy Pills music is going to be available in the digital age. Their recordings were only ever issued on vinyl records on Australian label Waterfront Records and have never before been release on CD until Bang! Records released “Rocket To Tarrawanna”. This record also contains out takes and live recordings by this seminal Australian Band. The following spiel is taken from the excellent compilation CD called Tales From the Australian Underground which was released in 2006 on Tim Pittman’s Feel Presents Record Label.…”The Proton Energy Pills were an allegiance of brothers Jay, Lenny and Dave Curley and schoolyard friends Richard (Richie) Lewis and Stewart Cunningham. At the helm was Stewart, a whiz kid guitarist and gifted songwriter who, along with singer and eldest brother Dave, wrote nearly all the bands material including Less Than I Spend(Waterfront, March 1990) the band’s second single. Produced by J Mascis (the singer/guitarist for proto grunge group Dinosaur Jr) and featuring Bill Gibson (the one time backing vocalist for the Lime Spiders and The Eastern Dark), Less Than I Spend is a terrific track. Arguably the last great 7” in a lineage of Australian rock’n’roll that had dated right back to Radio Birdman and their landmark November 1976 release Burn My Eye. Internal friction however meant that the band would only add a mini-album to their catalogue before Stewart decided to leave the band. Jay, Lenny and Richie would then go on to form and garner much success with Tumbleweed, while Stewart did his time with Brother Brick, The Yes Men and Asteroid B-612.