Rubber Never Sleeps (2LP) (LP) | DELETED

30 years. This is what it has taken for this record to see the light as an official release and on deluxe double vinyl format.

Originally released in the early 80s in Australia only as a bootleg cassette, “Rubber never sleeps” has now been properly mastered, sounding remarkably improved and reviewed by The Scientists. This deluxe edition is accompanied with texts by Kim Salmon (Scientists, Beasts Of Bourbon, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists …), James Baker (Scientists, Victims, Hoodoo Gurus, Beasts Of Bourbon, Dubrovniks …), Rod Radjal (Scientists, Les Hoodoo Gurus, The Johnnys …), Tony Thewlis (Scientists, Beasts Of Bourbon, Interestellar Villains, Scoundrelles …) and Boris Sujdovic (Scientists, Beasts Of Bourbon, Dubrovniks …), all narrating memories, anecdotes, opinions and ideas of that time.

This recording compiles the long lost early “loft tapes” recorded in Perth in the late 70s as well as the beginning of their diabolic 80s swamp noise sound in Sydney.

These recordings feature very rare tracks by this seminal combo such as covers of the Modern Lovers, Alan Vega, Troggs, Chuck Berry and Alex Chilton, as well as their long time classics such as “frantic romantic” or “swampland”, among others.

A must have for all Scientists fans.