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It´s no secret that SEÑOR NO is one of Bang!´s favorite bands ever. And the list of reasons for it is endless…. But now they have gone further than ever before! 3 guitars based on a stomping pounding rhythm section that makes your home floor vibrate. Each guitar going in a different direction and with no limits!!!

All of it directed by Xabi Garre, Master & Commander of SEÑOR NO since 1994. And here is where the title comes from… “94/20” is their very latest and new recording based on old tracks unknown and rare tracks, all now re-recorded building a rock solid new album which brings us to the sonic abuse of BORED!, with the unique touch of HOSS and basic roots of MOTÖRHEAD and MC5. And for those unlucky ones who do not understand the lyrics they are pure Street poetry Bukowski style engaged to lost women and low life fulfilled with smoke, booze and drugs….

SEÑOR NO is in our opinion the ultimate Basque Rock Band. No bullshit. Be ready for a fucking bulldozer running over you at 100 miles per hour. They are touring around here Europe now and planning another Australian tour soon! If they play near your town…. Mates, do yourself a favor, plan it in advance, leave kids with Grandma if you´re a Senior rocker, do your homework early if you´re a young rocker… or simply leave it all lying on the floor, but DON´T MISS SEÑOR NO!!!!

This album is absolutely mandatory for all those fans of BORED!, RADIO BIRDMAN, SONIC´S RENDEZVOUS BAND, HELLACOPTERS and… of course…. MC5, STOOGES and MOTÓRHEAD!!!!!!!!

Note: If your rock music knowledge is so wide that you know about the boiling Basque rock scene of the late 80s early 90s… Xabi was one of the founding members of LA PERRERA here in San Sebastian!