Erase You (EP) (7″) | Order it!!

Dear oh dear! But what´s this new staff Spencer P. Jones surprises us with now??? This is nothing but a recording he did in 2003, stuck somewhere in his home and rescued by

Bang! Rcds. for enjoyment and satisfaction of all the fans of one of the most charismatic and important artists of Australian music ever!

In this unique E.P., the leader of THE JOHNNYS and BEASTS OF BOURBON liberates and frees his passion for N.Y.C. trash-blues sound, without loosing at any moment his spirit and identity. The one which has given Aussie sound some of it´s greatest moments.

Backed by a band which sounds like a kennel of annoyed bitches with female vox, guitar and drums, that will hook you at the first listen. Don´t leave the chance of getting

this limited edition gem that could make Richard Hell or Jon Spencer really jealous. We bet!