Immolation & Amelioration (LP) | DELETED

Spencer P. Jones returns with a new album full of surprises.

Regarding the sound and songs, they keep the quality and strength Mr. Jones has always provided his fans with. Nothing new about it (which is actually the best that could happen).

The surprises meant above are referring to some of the folks supporting him in this record, such as Beasts Of Bourbon mates Brian H. Hooper and Tex Perkins, and special mention to the last song of the album, which has as support band Mudhoney themselves!!!

In this new album Maestro Jones revisites a couple of his classic songs with the Beasts Of Bourbon, as well as a cover of The Velvet Underground and a nice surprising cover of Lee Marvin.

Country, rock´n´roll, swamp blues, distortion, melody, broken ballads and a lot of cynicism in the lyrics (as usually Mr. Jones does). That´s what we can find in this new piece of gem that BANG! Rcds. is proud to present in limited deluxe vinyl edition. Only 500 vinyls. Grab your copy quickly. In a few months you´ll be seaching for it and in that time we´ll be working in Mr. Jones next jewell. So don´t miss this one, mate.