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For the first time on vinyl, the one considered by many as Nikki Sudden´s best album ever “Red Brocade”. Featuring members of JACOBITES, THE CHAMBER STRINGS, WILCO, etc.

The original album released on gatefold cover double LP with inner sleeves, remastered and with liner notes by Kevin Junior (The Chamber Strings).

In 1997, British musician Nikki Sudden traveled to Chicago to work with The Chamber Strings.

While there, the two parties realized that they were creatively simpatico, and soon work began on an album, a baker’s dozen of thoughtful, occasionally introspective, and superbly written songs, which would appear in 1999 as Red Brocade.

It’s mellow singer-songwriter fare, some might call it “”, and that Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy pops up here should give you a sense of what you’re getting, as sonically, all of the songs here could have been Wilco tracks.

500 copies, released under license from Easy Action Records, UK.